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Shipping Policies - Safety Zone



The Safety Zone makes every effort to ensure that your shipment arrives on time and in good condition. On rare occasions, however, shipping damage or shortage does occur. When a claim arises, we work with our customers to try and satisfy all parties. To prevent shortages, we can no longer strap cases of gloves and be responsible for shortages. If you require strapped cases for gloves you accept responsibility for any resulting shortage.

Please follow the guidelines below to aid in the prevention of damages or shortage of your shipments:


Please inspect the shipment immediately upon receipt. Our carriers require their drivers to wait for a reasonable amount of time until customers have accounted for the shipment. The delivery receipt must be signed showing the number of cases received. Please sign for piece count as well as pallets.

The freight carrier will acknowledge the receipt of the shipment from our facilities in GOOD CONDITION. By accepting the shipment from the carrier on the Bill of Lading/Delivery Receipt, you acknowledge that the product has been delivered in GOOD CONDITION. The Safety Zone is not liable for any shortage or damage discovered after signing the delivery receipt. Please note once the delivery receipt is signed as “Complete,” no credits will be issued or payment deductions allowed for freight shortage or damage claims.

If any shortages or damages are discovered upon delivery, make a notation for damage and/or shortage on the Bill of Lading/Delivery Receipt with a representative from the carrier present before accepting the order. Have the driver sign all copies to acknowledge the notation.

If signed for as STC (Said to Contain) or STI (Subject to Count) no credits will be issued or payments deductions allowed for freight shortage or damage claims.

Specialty Services: Customer/ Consignee is responsible for any additional services provided by the carrier including, Inside Delivery, Limited Access Deliveries, Prison/ Correctional Facility Deliveries, Government Deliveries, Residential Deliveries, Lift Gate and Sort and Segregate Charges.


In the event your shipment is damaged or items are lost, be sure to make note of it on the Bill of Lading/Delivery Receipt before signing and giving it to the driver. Specify items for the claim:

  • Damaged or unsealed packages
  • Shrink wrap is torn or not intact
  • Quantity shortages

Claims can be made only when it is indicated on the Bill of Lading/Delivery Receipt at the time of the delivery. The claim must immediately be reported to the sales representative that handles your account by phone, fax or email. The Safety Zone must be informed within 24 hours of receiving your shipment. Please keep in mind that some carriers do also require photographs of damages. Our carriers require us to file your claim within specific time frames, if a claim is made at a later date, we will not be held responsible.

Shortages will be subject to an investigation. If we find the claim is justified, we will either issue a credit or replace the merchandise. When shortages and/or damages result from a freight carrier’s error, a claim must be filed with the carrier immediately. Please keep in mind that you cannot sign shrink wrap intact and also claim a shortage as signing shrink wrap intact indicates that there is no shortage in your shipment.


Return Authorization (RA) is required on all return merchandise. No credit will be issued without a proper RA. The customer is subject to pay a 20% restocking fee when returning product for any reason other than a Safety Zone error which requires manager approval. Returns are accepted on product that has been ordered in the past 6 months, with three exceptions; “latex” gloves need to be returned within 90 days of order, “Special order” and “full container” items are non-returnable.

In the event of domestic or international shortages of Safety Zone products, due to and/or including natural disasters, military conflicts, pandemic or global health concern, The Safety Zone will make its best effort to prioritize supply for customers that have a proven purchasing history of the aforementioned products. However, in doing so, The Safety Zone categorizes these periods of time as business conducted outside the normal scope of daily operation. All items impacted, which will be specifically noted and our customers notified, will not be available for return under any pretense or circumstance.


Please notify The Safety Zone immediately of all damage. Do not return merchandise to The Safety Zone without first contacting your sales representative or customer service representative. File your claim directly by contacting the Safety Zone customer service team. Keep all packing materials, including Bill of Lading/Delivery Receipt (signed by the driver) and boxes with the damaged product(s). Take photographs of any damages, and do not throw anything away until the claim is settled.